deals with the interface between Industrial Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

What do we do? Why is it crucially important and promising?

We develop AI-based control system for industrial robots performance. We produce complex system that allows robots do various operations having no drawings or models to follow, avoiding customer’s side learning. Robots that use our AI will have already preloaded information and it works out of the box.

For typical industrial automatization and robotization it is necessary to have documentation and code for every movement and operation and a number of requirements should be met to make it work properly. Skilltellect software and devices allow to use robots in every type of a factory or a workshop (including custom work) regardless of quantity and manufactures parameters.

Key features

No programming is necessary

Ready to use out of the box. No need to hire programmers

No drawings are necessary

Robots are pre-trained for various operations. Low requirements concerning the placement of the object.

Software will be constantly upgraded

New abilities will be applied resulting in increasing the value of the product.

What has been done and future endeavors

We are in the process of developing several porotypes, collecting datasets on our premises and train our AI. Things that have been done already:

We’ve developed the airbrush with electric drive (desktop model) which is operated by our AI. We use computer vision for recognizing metal objects in various shapes that do not confuse them with similar paper objects shapes. Then we use neural network trained on our data to create a mask from detected metal objects. Afterwards, our software determines the shortest way for painting them using airbrush with electric drive and “uArm” manipulator.

Our plans in the nearest future

Desktop AI robots for removing the rust

Computer vision and neural network will recognize defects on different shapes of metal plates and thereafter robot will remove them

Fullsize autonomic robot for removing the rust

In our plant we use plasma cutting and therefore there is a need of polishing some defects after completing the task. We will train our autonomic robot with Skilltellect AI to clean them according to our requirements for the next stages of production.

Fullsize autonomic robot for welding tube plates


Kirill Mikheev

Chief Executive Officer

12 years of experience in machinery. 10 years working as CEO in TM MASH – energy equipment manufacturer. Expert in the field of development and producing complex machinery products.

Evgeny Kheifets

Chief Marketing Officer

14 years of experience in machinery engineering. 10 years working as CMO in TM MASH. Expert in technology and industrial equipment sales.

Oleg Kogan

Chief Technical Officer

15 years of experience in software development and system integration. 8 years of leadership at various software teams. Wealth of experience in building complex software systems.

The strengths of Skilltellect

Strong software development team

Modern plant the next building which allows us to obtain unlimited possibility of datasets for various operations

Considerable experience in machinery processes

Rich in resources (human, materials, equipment)

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